Batam International University Accounting study program is a study program that nurtures professional graduates in the field of financial accounting with leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. The program provides an understanding of the theories and concepts in the field of accounting, especially accounting finance, accounting management, taxation, and accounting checks. Graduates of the program of study of accounting have a chance of a career as an accountant public, accountant internal, internal auditors, consultants (accounting, tax, and management), academics, and entrepreneurs. 


Accounting Finance

Ability to perform analysis of the business and provide information accounting with the data of financial and non-financial are required by the parties concerned to take a decision economically. 

Management Accounting

Ability to review and apply management accounting techniques to support management in terms of planning, controlling, and monitoring performance in various types of business contexts. 

Accounting Examination

Ability to evaluate business processes and accounting practices and implement reliable internal controls. 


Ability to set policy and management of taxation that obey the rules of taxation and optimal for the company within the scope of the global. 




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Thank you for the Universitas International Batam (UIB) personels due to their work at the International Office that could open up an opportunity more for students who want to study outside the country. Hopefully, UIB can give a surprise that beyond the usual again to us all. This is a story that I can share with my friends, hopefully, it will be useful for those who are interested in joining the international UIB program.