Learning Outcomes


Graduate Learning Outcomes

1 CPL 1 Business Mindset To have the ability to prepare, present, analyze and evaluate corporate financial reports and entity group financial reports in accordance with applicable global standards.
2 CPL 2 Ethical Leadership To be able to demonstrate the quality of an ethical and responsible leader by paying attention to every decision taken and its impact on group members and the environment in general while upholding moral values ​​and professional ethics.
3 CPL 3 communication To be able of interacting and communicating effectively with others both in speech and in writing as demonstrated by conveying business ideas and thoughts that are easy to understand, in a clear and credible way.
4 CPL 4 cooperation To be able to develop networks and work together with mutual respect and respect for differences through active contributions in groups in order to solve problems creatively, positively, and focus on goals.
5 CPL 5 Problem Solving of Accounting / Accounting Problem Solving To have skills in the field of accounting that covers the basic concepts of financial reporting to accounting audits, as well as to demonstrate the ability to solve problems critically.
6 CPL 6 Professional competence To have a professional managerial competence, especially in the field of accounting through the mastery of analysis, control and performance evaluation skills in the work environment in order to develop an effective business strategy.
7 CPL 7 Practical implementation of accounting To be able to apply accounting theory and concepts in practice.